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We love it when our customers tell their friends about our tours so we would like to give them a reward.

So, for every 5 friends you recommend to buy a ticket for one of our tours you can get yourself a Starbucks coffee or maybe a special treat to eat ! For every 5 friends we will send you a £5 Starbucks gift card ! (Offer valid until 31st December 2019, see Terms and Conditions below).

Interested ?

Your friend must enter your unique referral code when they book. How do you get your unique code ?

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Refer a Friend (Tours) – Terms and Conditions:

  1. The current scheme ends on 31st December 2019
  2. You must register for the scheme giving your name, email address and UK mobile number
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure your friends enter your unique referral code when they book tour tickets. If this information is missing it cannot be added later and you will not receive credit for their bookings
  4. You will receive one Starbucks gift card of value £5 for every 5 friends who book and attend a tour
  5. The gift card can be sent in any form (ecard, physical card etc.) deemed appropriate by Traveledex
  6. The gift card will not be sent until after the tour has taken place and your friends attendance confirmed
  7. Card will be sent within a maximum of 30 days after a tour has ended
  8. Should the Starbucks gift card not be available for any reason Traveledex reserve the right to send any form of alternative gift of equivalent financial value (£5)
  9. You will not receive a credit towards your gift card if your friends do not attend the tour (for any reason) or if the tour is cancelled (for any reason)
  10. Partial credits and gifts are not permitted or available
  11. You must agree to opt-in to our marketing news (you may cancel this at any time but you will no longer be a member of the Refer a Friend (Tours) scheme
  12. If you require any further details or have a query concerning the scheme please contact us before you sign up
  13. All decisions regarding the operation and administration of the scheme are final and will be decided by Traveledex
  14. The Scheme will operate from 1st January to 31st December each year and may offer different rewards or vary current awards at any time at the discretion of Traveledex
  15. Reward credits cannot be carried over between years