Do you need to create a Questionnaire or Survey for your Research?

Survey Hosting Service

At Traveledex, we know how frustrating it can be with some survey software that does not allow a wide range of question types or puts a limit on the number of questions you can ask.

So, to help postgraduae students who need to collect data for their Masters dissertation or for PhD research, we can offer our own hosted survey solution using the popular, and comprehensive, LimeSurvey software.

We host this ourselves and can offer it for a fixed price to students in two ways:

  1. Access only where you set up your own survey
  2. Assisted service – this is wheer you supply your survey questions and we will set them up in LimeSurvey for you

Why use LimeSurvey?

Many students need to use their survey in two languages – English plus their own. LimeSurvey can provide this option (Note – it can try to translate for you). If you need a certified translation we can arrange this for you and provide a certificate (there is a fee for this service).

LimeSurvey offers a comprehensive list of survey question types including:

  • Arrays
  • Mask questions
  • Multiple choice
  • Single choice
  • Text

and you can even include subquestions!

You can export survey data (including SPSS files) as well as basic graphic summaries (tables, pie charts) and also keep your respondent data private to comply with any ethics requirements (Note – it is up to you to delete your data at the end as we cannot provide data retention for long periods of time).

You will probably need to put a statement at the start that you are requesting data as a student and allow for people to opt-out and LimeSurvey can handle this as well.


Example graphic output

LimeSurvey allows for basic graphics summaries for your questions as shown here

If you are interested in this service, please complete the form below and we will contact you ASAP.

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