Improve your CV and Job Opportunities by Gaining Additional Skills

It’s very easy to think that after your undergraduate or postgraduate studies you will easily find a job. However, with the increase in numbers of students who travel abroad, adding extra skills to your CV can make a big difference to your employment prospects.

Extra skills from your time at University

Studying a full time course as an undergraduate or postgraduate, especially in English which is probably not your native language, can be hard. You may also have visa restrictions on whether or not you are allowed to work while you study making it hard to gain skills from work experience.

However, there are now many online short courses you can study to add skills to your CV. The key to success is to pick courses that are useful in your future career and to make sure you get a certificate at the end. The certificate may be one just saying you have attended or completed the course but these usually require you to fully participate so are still really useful, plus, many of these online study centres are now receiving recognition from employers.

As well as learning a particular skill that may relate to how something is done or how to use something (e.g. computer software or digital marketing), you can also do courses to gain the so-called “soft” skills. These can help to show how you may be skilled at working with other people and may even be useful on your university studies when undertaking group work so definitely should not be ignored.

Our Management Team of experienced business people have featured below some of the courses we feel may be helpful to take. They do not usually require too many hours of study and should be listed as additional skills on your CV which we can also help you to prepare.

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Remember – do something to improve your skills today!

Skill Course List: