Services & Fee Payments

We offer a range of payment options and service levels. Parents and students should be aware that, in most cases, the education provider (university, college, school) will pay us a commission which we will use to cover our costs and pay our staff which means our services can be free. Where this is not the case, or additional work has been carried out, a fee will apply (we cannot work for nothing !). You will always be told in advance of any fees that will be due for our services.

When applying through Traveledex, our consultants will discuss the payment options available and describe the premium services which can be paid for in addition to the basic service.

Our online study platform has its own pricing for courses, tuition and video links with teachers which is very flexible and can be booked as and when needed.

We facilitate payments by international direct bank transfer or through our payment service with Wise. Alternatively, for some services, debit or credit card payments may be taken.