We recognise that a UK education is very important for many Kazakh students as the UK is a well-regarded centre for education worldwide. We are familiar with the university lists and can offer placement advice about a whole range of universities and subject studies within the UK.

However, studying in another language can be very difficult and stressful so at Traveledex we provide additional online support for our students both for academic study skills and for individual subjects. We can also arrange private tutoring where necessary.

For students coming for a short time to improve their language skills we can offer placement at some of the highest quality English language centres in the UK. Many of these are based away from London in locations that also offer a chance to experience the UK culture and heritage and we can combine language learning (general or subject-specific) with tourism to experience the richness of the UK culture.

For those students looking at future university placement the IELTS examination is one of the means of entry and we can offer specialist courses for this examination as well as support from our own qualified teaching staff.

We can also offer specialist English courses at many schools and colleges covering a wide range of subject areas for adult learners – agriculture and farming, the energy industry (oil, gas and newer “green” technologies), medical – just to name a few. Contact us if you have a specific requirement.

We sometimes find that students are very homesick when away studying in the UK. We offer our own private discussion forums online where students can discuss anything between themselves or ask help questions that they may find difficult to ask in person due to language issues.

So, if you are from Kazakhstan and would like to study in the UK, we welcome you !