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De Montfort University

A range of courses is available across different aspects of creative studies. See below for more Information:

Music and Audio Technology – Whether your passion is to work as a producer, a composer, a performer, or in developing technical tools for other audio professionals, we can help you to develop the skills you need to
succeed as an independent, or in the music or media industries. Our high-quality courses and vibrant culture give you the technical knowledge and creative freedom to develop your artistic talents.

Our multi-million pound creative technology studios boast a range of high-specification equipment,  supported by academic specialists teaching the principles and techniques of music creation, production
and performance. You will benefit from our multichannel composition studios and a suite of recording studios, as well as industry-standard software for recording, creating and manipulating sound.

We have purpose-built audio recording and production facilities, a multichannel performance space with loudspeaker orchestra, and a broadcast-standard radio station. The studios are complemented by a substantial borrowable resource of audio and audio-visual equipment. You will have access to digitally equipped performance and teaching spaces as well, including our Performing Arts Centre for Excellence

Undergraduate courses

Audio and Recording Technology BSc (Hons)
Creative Music Technology BA (Hons)
Digital Music Technology BSc (Hons)
Music Technology BASc (Hons)
Music, Technology and Performance BA (Hons)

Postgraduate courses

Music, Technology and Innovation MA

Performance and Arts Management – Recognised nationally as a centre for excellence in performance
arts, DMU has excellent courses, teaching and first-rate facilities. Whether you are passionate about dance, drama, performing arts or festivals management, our regular student performances, high-profile events and dynamic environment make studying with us a rewarding experience.

Our valuable contributions to Leicester’s cultural life have led to fruitful partnerships with key organisations and events, including Curve Theatre, Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre and the nationally renowned Leicester Comedy Festival.

DMU offers some of the finest facilities in the sector to support your studies. The Performing Arts Centre for Excellence (PACE) and the Campus Centre building include spacious studios and rehearsal rooms, as well as large, fully equipped performance spaces. Your creative work is supported by expert technicians and you can access rehearsal spaces and equipment – such as digital video cameras, sound recording equipment and editing suites – outside of your taught time too.

Undergraduate courses

Arts and Festivals Management BA (Hons)
(single honours/joint honours)
Dance BA (Hons) (single honours/joint honours)
Drama Studies BA (Hons) (single honours/joint honours)
Global Arts Management (Level 6 top up) BA (Hons)
Performing Arts BA (Hons)

Postgraduate courses

Cultural Events Management MSc
Performance Practices MA

BIMM Institute - Music Studies at campus locations in London, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham & Dublin (Ireland)

BIMM Institute opens the doors to the music industry by encouraging creative freedom, providing real-world industry experiences and communities across some of the most diverse and creative cities in the UK and Europe.

Central Film School

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Boarding Schools

Royal Russell

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Summer Schools