Deciding to study at a UK university is a very important decision and it is essential that you are properly prepared. As well as studying in a different language – English – you may also find many cultural differences that can be difficult to understand and adapt to.

Whether you are studying at undergraduate (first degree) or postgraduate (Masters or PhD) we sometimes recommend a course before you start university. Universities may also ask us to recommend this when considering your application. There are two main types of course you may be recommended:

Foundation or Pathway courses allow you to start to study academic subjects as well as having additional lessons in English. In many cases these are offered by an International College attached to a particular university and passing the course will guarantee acceptance onto your chosen course. There is even a Pre-Masters route for postgraduates. Courses may last up to a full year before the university course starts. These courses are not usually taught by university staff but are offered in conjunction with some of the large education providers working together with universities. Your Traveledex consultant will discuss these with you once you have registered with us.

The second type of course concentrates just on improving your language and study skills and is known as a Presessional course. Typically a university may recommend this when your IELTS score is very close to the entry requirements for your chosen course and the university feels that some further study from 4-12 weeks can help you show you will be able to deal with studying at university.

The only alternative to these courses is to ensure your IELTS score is high enough to meet the course entry requirements at your chosen university. At Traveledex we have our own online learning area and specialist IELTS tutors available so this option will be discussed by your consultant.

UK university courses have a wide variety of assessment methods such as exams or coursework and may be carried out individually or in groups. There are requirements for how work has to be presented so most universities offer study skills support to international students and Traveledex also has its own support for our students in this area.

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