Traveledex is able to provide consultancy for two different areas:

Education Technology – We can advise on use of technology in the classroom for use by teachers and students. Our expertise is in online teaching systems (blended learning) and the use of apps to promote an integrated and enhanced student experience, particularly in the area of language learning.

Our lead consultant has direct experience of teaching at FE/HE level with technology such as lecture response systems, apps for quizzes during lessons and is a past Moodle administrator.

Tourism Consulting – our expertise is in the UK market focusing on cultural and heritage tourism for international students in the UK and Asian outbound tourists visiting the UK. Our consultants are educated to Masters level within this area and have carried out research on tourists from these backgrounds.

We would welcome the opportunity to present to your UK tourist organisation and identify key areas where we can help drive more tourists to your area’s destinations and attractions.